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Jean Hardisty has authored many published essays on the inner workings and motivations of the right. Her book, Mobilizing Resentment: Conservative Resurgence from the John Birch Society to the Promise Keepers, was published by Beacon Press in October 1999 and is now available in paperback.


mobilizing-resentment-bookMobilizing Resentment: Conservative Resurgence from the John Birch Society to the Promise Keepers
by Jean V. Hardisty
Beacon Press, October, 1999.
Beacon Press, Paperback edition, September, 2000.

Quotes in praise of Mobilizing Resentment:

“Mobilizing Resentment is a thoughtful and provocative look at the right wing in the United States, replacing simple condemnation with sober analysis. It raises the troubling question: what can we learn from people we fear?”
–Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States

“Jean Hardisty’s Mobilizing Resentment takes readers on a personal, historical, and well-researched tour through the parallel universe of right-wing America. By exposing the power of its deep resentment of democracy, she also shows us how to confront and diminish that power. If you have time for only one book about the untra-conservative resurgence, this is it.”
–Gloria Steinem

“Mobilizing Resentment provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in how to refocus the energy and idealism of the progressive movement on the building of institutions that are relevant to the lives of most Americans. In this step-by-step description of the growth of the right, Jean Hardisty’s gift is to remind us that there is no easy way to revitalize a progressive movement in this country. It has to be done person by person, family by family, and community by community.”
–Chief Wilma Mankiller, from the Foreword

“Mobilizing Resentment is a fascinating and frightening portrayal of the right wing’s ride to dominance during the last decades of the twentieth century. Hardisty’s first-person reporting, clear analysis, and deep commitment to challenging the right’s repressive agenda makes this a uniquely valuable resource for the twenty-first.”
–Barbara Smith, author of The Truth that Never Hurts: Writings on Race, Gender, and Freedom