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“Connecting California 2010″
Sponsored by the California Women’s Foundation
Plenary session with Linda Burnham
January 22, 2010

“Fighting the Right and Religious Fundamentalism”
Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
Plenary with Alejandra Sarda and Brenda Funches
Dallas, TX. November 3, 2006

“Where Have All Our Freedoms Gone?”
Mass. Interfaith Alliance
Public Lecture
May 18, 2003

“The Current State of Civil Liberties”
The Ford Foundation
March 20, 2003

“Elections 2002: Lessons and Impact”
Ms. Foundation for Women
Funders’ Briefing
Jan. 14, 2003

The Funding Exchange Superskills Conference
Closing Plenary
June 2, 2002

“The Affirmative Action Debate”
M.I.T. Public Lecture
Cambridge, MA. April 10, 2002

National Network of Grantmakers Annual Meeting
Opening Plenary
October, 2001

Panel Presentation on Religion and Human Rights
United Nations Presbyterian Office. March, 2000
Wisconsin Research Center
2-city tour (Madison and Milwaukee). Fall, 1999

Montana Human Rights Network
3-city tour (Bozeman, Helena, and Missoula). Fall, 1999

Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harrassment Annual Symposium
Colorado Springs, Colorado. September, 1997

“Annual Convention”
American Psychological Association
Invited Address
August, 1997

Liberty Hill Foundation
Los Angeles, CA. 1996

Wellesley Center for Research on Women
Wellesley, MA. 1995

Brandeis University
Waltham, MA. 1995

Wellesley Center for Research on Women
Wellesley, MA. 1994

Harvard Divinity School
Cambridge, MA. 1994

National Lesbian and Gay Health Conference
Houston, TX. 1993

National Network of Grantmakers
Tarrytown, NY. 1990