Analytical Perspectives on the US Political Right Wing

consultationConsultation for individuals and foundations wanting to be more informed about the workings and motivations of the right.

Jean is available for public speaking, workshops, seminars, and individual consultation.

Special Consultations

WDN/PRA Study Group
From 2000 until 2010, members of the Women Donors Network (WDN) met in two day seminars to learn about the political right wing, methods of political analysis, and current political developments. The seminars were led by Jean Hardisty.

Meetings were held on the west coast and on the east coast from one to three times a year. The groups varied from 7 to 10 members. Membership was fairly stable over the ten years. At times the seminars had guest speakers; at other times the group went on field trips to rightwing organizations. Each session was accompanied by reading material and follow-up minutes.

Lecture time varied from two hours to 1/12 days, depending on whether the group had a site visit.

Members paid a “tuition,” which went to support the work of Political Research Associates (PRA), plus their own expenses for travel and lodging. Dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night broke up the two day meetings.

Ms. Foundation Democracy Funding Circle Education Consultant
From 1999 until 2008, the Ms. Foundation convened a circle of major donors known as “The Democracy Funding Circle.” Members met three times a year to pool their money, write a proposal, and make grants. Much of the administrative work was done by Ms.’s excellent staff.

Having an Education Consultant was offered as a “perk” for being a member of the circle. As the education consultant, I would attend all meetings and speak on a chosen topic for about ninety minutes of a day-long meeting.

Approximately $180,000 was given in grants each year. Much of the focus originally was on women-led groups fighting the right, but later the focus shifted to funding in the South. The Circle no longer exists.